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35 Ilsham Road
Wellswood Village,Near Kent's Cavern,Next to Co-Operative Food Ltd

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Monday to Saturday : Lunch: 12.00 to 2.30 pm Dinner 5.30 pm to 11.30 pm Closed only on Sundays

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Nouvelle Indian Cuisine

I have to say that this restaurant has raised the bar. Never seen anything like this before. The décor is contemporary and relaxing. The menu is gourmet style cuisine.Amazing flavours and presentation. A unique new take on Indian dishes.Lunch menu is limited. Dinner offers a wide selection to meet every ones taste. The best venison I have had in recent times.Chefs innovation of the day for starters the day we visited were tandoor sesame duck and shrimp coconut fry. The service is very friendly and very professional.Presentation is top notch.The complimentary soup is a great touch.So are the Indian wines and cocktails. The Pereira's selection of wines was a great match for the cuisine served.I found the owner and his wife (the chef) to be very passionate about what they were representing. This is the place to be if you are looking for gourmet style Indian food. Definitely our favourite restaurant.

By GarryB at 21:08 on 30/01/13

  • Mild, subtle and delicate Flavours
  • Fine Dining Indian Restaurant
  • Imaginative Indian cocktails
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The power of culinary India is uncomprehendingly mysterious. Experience the power of culinary India at Lavani. Light, modern and sophisticated dishes that pay homage to the power of culinary India, this is what defines Lavani. Situated only a short walk away from Kents Cavern, English Riviera's most beautiful coves (Meadfoot and Ansteys) and the famous South West Coastal Path we pride ourselves on the quality of service and quality of our ingredients. Undoubtedly the best Indian food in the world comes from India and we come from India. Executive chef and owner Mary Bindhu Pereira creates fiercely authentic home cooked offbeat dishes with an accent on regional cuisine and Anglo-Indian cuisine of the British Raj.

• Mild, subtle and delicate Flavours of India

• Cookery Demo and Dinner Evenings

• Imaginative Indian cocktail and Indian wines

• 20% Discount Senior citizens card

• 15% Discount Hospitality Card

• Lunch Menu (One course/Two course/Three course)

• Complimentary Birthday Package

• Winter Warmer Menu

• Live Music Evenings

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We are delightful in many ways. While for some it is one of the finest speciality Indian restaurants, to others it is an amazing English Riviera retreat. And there are those that love it for its rose water and saffron marinated walls studded with themed art, red chilli flavoured chairs, buttermilk swish linen and its friendly family feel.

A treat for the senses. Dig in. Be thrilled!

Imaginative cuisine, undeniably happening ambience, the flavours, the aroma, the live cooking sounds and the artistic display, presented with the Lavani signature of hospitality. All come together in perfect harmony in an exciting new avatar!

Our Cuisine

The chef describes her cooking style as "Powerful Cuisine". Careful blending of genuine Indian cooking traditions with high quality, high-end British high in protein, low in fat ingredients not often found in Indian cuisine such as scallops, lobster, wood pigeon, venison, caviar, quail, calf liver, ostrich and more creates unique and distinct dishes.

We take away the heaviness usually akin to Indian dishes and we're celebrating Indian grills. Focusing on minimising the usage of oil and fat, Indian grilling is renowned for retaining the delicacy of the spice throughout its dishes. The focus is on grills, pan fries and flash fries because often in curries the flavour of the meat is lost.

The extremely comprehensive menu of dishes demonstrates how ancient wisdom and regional traditional cooking styles have been blended with British traditions evolving to become what we get on our plates today. The menu flavours where you'll go Ah! The dishes are a curated "must on your list" experiences that represents an imaginative take on the destination; India and its culture. These are "must do's" and "must taste" presented in a slick European fashion.

To reserve your experience in advance call (01803) 20 30 40, 220579, 293025

Let the spirit of "Lavani" enliven you!


5 Reviews of Lavani

  • Profile image for GDH UPVC

    Beautiful food with amazing presentation


    Both myself and my partner recently visited Lavani for the first time last week, I must say we were both very impressed. We were firstly greeted by a menu that we would have been happy to eat anything from, and when our meals arrived they did not disappoint. 10 out of 10.

    By GDH UPVC at 10:41 on 17/12/13

  • Profile image for LAVANI

    Excellent food and experience for meat lovers and vegeterians


    I'm in awe, after a day I'm still thinking about the flavors Lavani create. Eating here isn't just going out for a meal, it's a different experience, we learn so much about all the foods, the spices, how different dishes are inspired by different parts of India. I can't fault it.
    We were a little worried about going here because there weren’t a lot of dishes suitable for vegetarians or vegans, however after a quick phone call they put our mind at ease. They said a lot of traditional Indian food is vegetarian, and they have a few off menu items they can do for us and asked us what types of curries we'd like.For the main I had the Pork Vindaloo, which came with a Naan, some rice and a few I think chutneys. Upon the first fork full I nearly fell off my chair, I didn’t want the sensations in my mouth to end, the blend of spices, the garlic, the acidity, the sweetness. My mouth is watering now thinking about it. This is not your normal curry house Vindaloo, this is a traditional Goan dish. It’s not meant to be super spicy, it’s meant to be a subtle blend of spices and my god it is.

    Others were had the Paneer or the Soya chunks. I tried a bit of both and they were both fantastic, but as a meat eater, my god that Vindaloo.

    To summarise, I have been here before. I recommend this place to everyone of my friends or business partners which visit Torquay. And I’m considering moving closer because I don’t like paying the £40 taxi fare to get here and back. If you want not just a good curry, but very tasty food made with passion from local ingredients, visit Lavani.

    By LAVANI at 07:29 on 30/09/13

  • Profile image for Senior65

    Finest Indian Cuisine in Torquay


    Best Indian Food money can buy! Superbly located in the posh Millionaires Road in Wellswood Village.Free Parking right outside the restaurant. Fine selection of Indian wines and Indian cocktails.Creative Indian menu like no other Indian restaurant.At last a break from the usual Masala and Korma........The husband and wife team has raised the bar with the unique Indo-Devon menu.We visited with family during our Holday as it was recommened by Palace hotel.Very friendly and help ful host and owner from Goa and wife chef from Kerala. We tried the starters Brixham Sea robin wrapped in banana leaf,piri pork,lollipop and lovage pakora,onion and chickpeas pakora,dosay Caviar Golgoppa and Crab Fricadallus and we enjoyed it.We tried the Wild Boar curry,Everest Goat with Himalayan salt,Nana's Lamb Liver fry,African Birds Eeye King Prawn, Squid Keral,Goan King Fish, Chicken Karaiduyy Chettnadu,Pork Vindalo with Toddy vinegar and Jungle lal manss. We shared the main courses and every main course was served with root mash,rice,pickles,vegetable and baby nan all presented extremely well.Very friendly restaurant serving fine food and wine.The price is worth paying if you want a unique dining experience.Looking forward for Lavani in Topsham as it will be closer to our home town. Everything here has a touch of class.The bookings department telephone number of 203040 is also very unique and hard to forget.

    By Senior65 at 00:18 on 27/08/13

  • Profile image for belchambers

    First visit


    Last evening my partner and I had our first experience of dining at the Lavani Indian restaurant located in Wellswood Torquay. We were not disappointed and both agreed that the meal and ambiance was second to none, the menu had some of the well-known old favourite but many new dishes that are just not available in other Indian restaurant in Torbay, we went for the later and we thought that our meal would have been at home in any of the well-known Indian restaurants in London.
    We have no hesitation in recommending this restaurant, more than just another Indian meal.

    By belchambers at 11:28 on 16/01/13


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