Employment remains prime concern for Paignton residents – but so should unfair dismissal

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By AdFeatures | Tuesday, August 14, 2012, 09:58


Following widespread economic strife which has left all areas of the UK concerned about the future of their finances, residents in Paignton are not alone in their uncertainly over employment.

Recent years have seen the British government struggle against the implications of a double-dip recession as economic turnover has slackened and left many households unable to cope with the financial demands of everyday living. For some, this situation has been exasperated by growing unemployment figures – instilling fear over an unstable job market.

How do you know if you were dismissed fairly?

Perhaps one reason why some individuals fail to take action against their dismissal is because they are unsure over whether or not it was legitimate. The world of employment law is fairly complex and this means that those who are not trained in this field lack the knowledge or expertise to review their own situation impartially.

Contacting unfair dismissal experts is one way to rectify this, with experts on hand to advise you on various aspects of employment law. Not only can they review your situation to determine whether or not you are entitled to lodge a complaint for unfair dismissal but they can also pursue this action on your behalf.

For those unsure about their own situation, unfair dismissal can arise from a number of situations. The manner in which you were dismissed, the notice which was given to you and the treatment you received prior to your departure all have a bearing on your case and need to be evaluated by an independent body.

Seeking action for unfair dismissal will require you to provide details pertaining to these factors. It is therefore important that you establish the facts as early as possible and keep a formal record of any mistreatment which you may have received. Insulting or derogatory comments, no matter who made them, can often indicate a case for sexual harassment or even racial harassment.

If these attitudes influenced the decision to terminate your employment then your dismissal would be considered unfair. As would any situation where you were dismissed for speaking out against a fellow colleague’s malpractice or for certain beliefs you may hold.

If your employer failed to give you sufficient notice or dismissed you without due cause then this would also entitle you to claim for unfair dismissal. Also, if your ex-employer advertised your exact job position straight away it could aid an unfair dismissal claim. If this has happened to you then it could be a good idea to seek no win no fee employment law help from qualified professionals in order to seek financial redress.

With a survey by ADP revealing that Brits are more concerned about their work-life balance than any other nation in Europe and unemployment figures having reached record highs in recent years, this growing concern is far from unjustified.

For those who are unfortunate enough to find themselves out of work, seeking new employment is often their main priority. Unfortunately, this need to earn an income can lead some individuals to overlook the manner of their unemployment – potentially missing an opportunity to claim for unfair dismissal.



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